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Tidal first opened its’ doors in 2010. Over the years we have developed and refined our training techniques, and we are never complacent. We have safely trained thousands of people, ranging from beginners to decorated Olympians. We understand what it takes to support you in your goals. And at over 7000 square feet, we boast the largest facility in central Toronto.

We are active in our local community and support many charities, community centres and special interest groups. This is something that we are immensely proud of, and something that is an integral part of who we are as a gym community.

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The Team

TIdal Fitness Coach Jen



Jen’s fitness journey was a typical one. Leaving a career in the corporate world, she focused on raising her three girls. Throughout the years it was difficult to find a fitness routine that “stuck”; videos, big-box gym classes, fancy fitness studios…nothing lasted. That all changed in 2011 after her first Crossfit class. With a solid background in competitive dance, Jen loved the attention to form and detail, all the while getting stronger. Soon she was swinging on the monkey bars with her kids in the playground. It was empowering, to say the least. Credentials: Crossfit Level 2 Crossfit Gymnastics Crossfit Kids Crossfit Weightlifting Crossfit Advanced Mobility Emergency Medical Responder

Tidal Fitness Coach Trevor



Trevor brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Tidal’s community, both as a competitive athlete and seasoned coach. This broad understanding has translated very well in his ability to understand individual athletes and tailor programming to meet specific needs: performance, longevity, body composition. Originally from Toronto, he comes to Tidal from the Cayman Islands with 10 year of coaching experience. Credentials: Crossfit Level 2 Crossfit Weightlifting Crossfit Games 2012 team member Crossfit Regionals 2014 Individual Crossfit Masters qualifier 2014 finished 30th world wide Crossfit Games 2013 team member

Tidal Fitness Coach Charles



Charles’ fitness journey started in childhood. As a kid he played baseball, basketball and soccer, fitting them in alongside hours of piano and violin lessons. In adulthood he started to work out at a commercial gym. Looking for a new adventure in his fitness journey he joined Tidal as a member in 2017. CrossFit was an exciting challenge, letting him celebrate his strengths and work on weaknesses. He has stayed at Tidal for the awesome community. Coaching was a natural next step for Charles as he has almost 20 years of experience as a high school science teacher and a passion to help people feel good and move well. In his free time you can catch him eating snacks at the park with his daughter, building lego or curating the perfect playlist for his next class.

Tidal Fitness Coach Danilo



I started my healthcare career as a biomedical scientist and clinical pathologist. Since stepping into a CrossFit gym in 2017, I discovered a passion for fitness by observing what the human body can achieve when living an active and healthy lifestyle. As a CrossFit Level 2 instructor in Brazil, I’ve learned a lot from leading packed classes, full of eager members, always prioritizing their health and well-being. I have worked with wide segments of athletes. From scaling and adaptive needs to high performing competitors I believe that performance successes must always be equally celebrated! I was hooked on Tidal as I saw what I judge to be pivotal for a CrossFit gym: an extraordinary group of people that, as coach Glassman would say, “perform the common uncommonly well”. With my wife Thais (also a Tidal member), we very recently decided to move to Canada because we were getting a bit tired of sitting on a beach and enjoying sun and coconut water all day (hahah not really true). We decided to pursuit better life opportunities on a stronger and more technologically developed market. CrossFit Lv1Trainer certificate Bernardo Camargo Programming for Performance Athletes Fernando Reis Olympic Weightlifiting Lv1 certificate CrossFit Lv2 Trainer certificate CWB Gymnastics certificate Team Alberto Neto

Tidal Fitness Coach JP



Hailing from Brazil, JP has always been involved in sports. A former competitive swimmer, he was part of the Brazilian team in the World Cups, the National Champion with the University of Toronto Varsity Blues and competed in three Olympic Trials. JP holds a strong belief that there is always something to be gained in our fitness journeys and has experience with a range of athletes. His many years of high-level training is especially helpful for athletes looking to perform their best during workouts. Credentials: Crossfit Level 2 Crossfit Gymnastics

Tidal Fitness Coach Katie


Katie joined her first Crossfit Gym in 2013 after an accident and knee surgery made her reconsider her fitness trajectory. Instantly she was drawn to the energy generated by a group environment, and began to push her personal boundaries of strength, and stamina. A natural cheerleader in class, Katie pursued her Crossfit L1 in 2015, and began coaching. Katie’s Crossfit training has provided her with the fitness foundation for her career as a Firefighter. It has allowed her to compete in a variety of sports such as Powerlifting, FireFit, and the Highland Games. Credentials:
– Crossfit Level 2
– Crossfit Gymnastics
– Crossfit Weightlifting
– Full time Firefighter with Markham Fire and Emergency Services

Tidal Fitness Coach Marc



Marc is a French Acadian raised in Moncton NB. From a young age, he pursued a career as news cameraman. He spent almost 2 decades covering events in harsh conditions and conflict areas. He eventually realized his physical and mental health was beginning to take a toll. In 2015, Marc decided to reinvent himself into the world of fitness. Working closely with calisthenic coaches, he developed a passion for gymnastics and gravity defying movements before discovering Crossfit in 2018. Credentials: Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Crossfit Gymnastics Certified Nutrition coach via Two-Brain coaching Johnny G Spinning Instructor

Tidal Fitness Coach Rob



Rob Passionate about CrossFit, Rob has recently embraced a new role as a coach after joining Tidal 10 years ago. He delivers enthusiasm and firsthand experience to guide others and is committed to fostering a supportive environment for individuals to achieve their fitness goals. Beyond the CrossFit box, he is a competitive sailor and scuba diving instructor, adding a diverse range of skills to coaching. Recently retired from a fulfilling career as an orthodontist, he has transitioned from shaping smiles to shaping fitness journeys. Now, blending his professional background with a passion for fitness, Rob brings a wealth of discipline, dedication, and expertise to his role as a CrossFit coach.

Tidal Fitness Coach Sophie



Sophie began her career in health care as a Primary Care Paramedic. Her experiences in that profession led to the realization that preventative care measures were of great importance. Leaving paramedicine, she started as a Certified Personal Training and gained experience at several facilities in the GTA. Looking to improve her own fitness, Sophie joined Tidal as a member and quickly fell in love with the community and style of training. Credentials: Crossfit Level 1 Crossfit Weightlifting Precision Nutrition Coaching Level 1 Poliquin Group Biosignature Courses ACE Personal Training

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