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Welcome to Tidal Fitness, where strength meets community.

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Getting started at Tidal looks like this:


Let's plan together

We want to get to know you: your goals, your lifestyle, your past. That way we can help hold you accountable, and together, develop a plan for success.

Private Training first = Safety

Let us help you address any injuries or movement patterns before they become a problem. By building a solid base, you will progress faster and further.

Hybrid Membership

Now you're in the fun part - group class! You maintain your relationship with your coach, but you also have the social environment and community that CrossFit is famous for.

About Tidal Fitness

Tidal first opened its’ doors in 2010. Over the years we have developed and refined our training techniques, and we are never complacent. We have safely trained thousands of people, ranging from beginners to decorated Olympians. We understand what it takes to support you in your goals. And at over 7000 square feet, we boast the largest facility in central Toronto.


We are active in our local community and support many charities, community centres and special interest groups. This is something that we are immensely proud of, and something that is an integral part of who we are as a gym community.

The best gym in

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Get started at the best gym on the Danforth, in Toronto

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